samaritas about illustrationTransforming entire communities one life at a time,

For almost 90 years, Samaritas has served others as an expression of the love of Christ with programs to help Michigan’s disadvantaged families and individuals thrive. Samaritas is the state’s largest foster care and adoption organization with a full suite of family preservation programs and options like Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services to keep families together. Samaritas is one of the largest providers of refugee services, resettling families in from all over the world. Samaritas provides senior care and living communities with a full continuum of services including independent and assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing options within a faith-based family community. Samaritas is all about home, offering housing solutions for adults with developmental disabilities, homeless families and affordable living communities for those who qualify for HUD housing. Visit for more information. Follow us on Facebook @IAmSamaritas, Twitter @IAmSamaritas or on Instagram @WeAreSamaritas.


Our Mission:

Serving people as an expression of the love of Christ

Our Vision:

We connect people with families and communities, empower them to live their fullest life possible, and create a ripple effect of transformation.

Our Core Values:

  • People First
  • Quality Service
  • Stewardship
  • Innovation
  • Communication

Guiding Principles:

  • We work as one team
  • We support and trust each other
  • We celebrate differences and respect others
  • We find individualized solutions
  • We act with integrity and transparency
  • We do not cut corners
  • We go above and beyond
  • We strive for maximum efficiency
  • We optimize resources
  • We seek opportunities
  • We welcome new ideas
  • We challenge the status quo
  • We lead change
  • We listen
  • We encourage open, honest dialogue
  • We educate

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IDEA Steering Committee Year 1 Accomplishments

Value Proposition:

We deliver the home, family and community most connected to the individual relational, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of those we serve, wherever they might fall on the continuum of care.

Through permanence, we deliver a sense of love, belonging, health and well-being that empowers those we serve with a feeling of personal control, confidence and worthiness to live their fullest life. When those we serve reach their full potential they, in turn, promote the dignity of others, creating a ripple effect out into the community that achieves the greatest transformation for all.


Positioning Statement:

More than safe harbor in crisis, we come through, when others don’t, with a path home. We connect all people based on their individual circumstances with the families and communities that will empower them to live their fullest life possible.

Potential fulfilled, those we serve then promote the dignity of others, launching into the community an unending ripple effect of transformation.

Our History

settlement houseAmong the immigrants making their way to Detroit at the end of the 19th century were many Lutherans from Germany and Scandinavia. They followed the Biblical imperative to help others in need especially fellow immigrants with food, clothing and jobs.

Congregational outreach efforts came together in 1909 in the Missionsbund (Mission Federation), a group dedicated to "inner mission" (social service) work. The Lutheran Inner Mission League of Greater Detroit was incorporated in 1934, changing its name soon afterward to The Lutheran Charities. Its ministry grew to include child welfare work, a settlement house and services to the elderly. provider with senior residentIn 1959, the organization merged with a similar group in Saginaw and was renamed Lutheran Social Services of Michigan.

In 2016, in light of the growing diversity of our services, stakeholders, donors, congregational support and community partners, the organization rebranded to Samaritas. The reference to the work of the Good Samaritan in our name is especially fitting as it is consistent with our mission, values and the services we provide. Having a name that intentionally speaks to the biblical mandate to serve others unconditionally and acknowledges the values of diversity and inclusion has been very helpful to our services and organizational development. Listed below is the Executive Team selected to lead Samaritas in spreading ripples of positive change.

Executive Staff

Photo of Dave Morin

Dave Morin

Interim Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Kelli Dobner

Kelli Dobner

Photo of Kevin Van Den Bosch

Kevin Van Den Bosch

Chief Operating Officer - Child and Family
Photo of Anthony Muller

Anthony Muller

Vice President, SUD
Photo of Charles Caine

Charles Caine

Vice President, IT
Photo of Todd Hanselman

Todd Hanselman

Vice President, Human Resources
Photo of Kirsten Mack

Kirsten Mack

Director, Corporate Compliance and Privacy

Board of Directors

Board Chair

David Lochner

Board Vice-Chair

Brett VanderKamp


Jason Paulateer


John VandeGuchte


Andrew Blum
Bodman PLC
Tracey Brame
WMU-Cooley Law School
Dan Carter
Dan Carter Advisors
The Rev. Gerald Ferguson
All Saints Lutheran Church ELCA
Dale Gerard
General Motors
Jeanine Hatcher
Mary Anne Jones
Priority Health
The Rev. Donald P. Kreiss, Bishop
Southeast Michigan Synod, ELCA
Sarah Pobocik
Chase Bank
Latricia Trice
LTrice Consulting