Winter 2017 Classes

Forget Me Not – Become a Dementia Friend  Help create a Dementia-Friendly Grand Rapids. With this one-hour session, you will learn about dementia, how to recognize it, how to communicate with somebody who has it, and how to help. After this course, you will be a certified...

Understand Grief: What it is, How to Cope With it and How to Help Others

As Nobel laureate Thomas Mann once said, “a man’s dying is more the survivor’s affair than his own.” This is partially true—depending upon how we die and at what point in our lives. Regardless of how we die though, how should those we leave behind cope? While every...

Super Foods You Should Eat in 2017

I hope your holiday season was a good one, filled with joy and happiness. It may have involved overeating a bit or ingesting a few too many sweets. That’s alright because January affords us an opportunity to start over and begin a very nutritious routine which will benefit your...

A New Year Prayer

"Our lives are made of days and nights, of seasons and years, for we are part of a universe of suns and moons and planets. We mark ends and we make beginnings and, in all, we praise God for the grace and mercy that fill our days. Lord, let this year be filled with the things that are...

All Things New

“Behold, I make all things new.” (Revelation 21: 5 NRSV) This verse came to my mind as I have been thinking of the New Year, 2017. What does it mean that God makes all things new? Newness is exciting, especially when we are waiting for something special and new, such as a new...

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