Campus Update - Samaritas Senior Living of Saginaw
emma / Wednesday, March 1, 2017 / Categories: Saginaw ​Senior Living

Campus Update - Samaritas Senior Living of Saginaw

Written by Janis West; External Census Development Specialist

Samaritas Senior Living of Saginaw is undergoing a transformation! If you have driven past or entered our community over the past few months you would be able to see and feel the buzz surrounding our renovation and the great strides we are making to make our home a welcome one. From the physical renovation of our building to hiring and retaining the best nursing and therapy staff in the area, we are focused on excellence.

Phase one of our renovation has been kicked into high gear and the end is almost in sight. Drywall hanging and finishing is making its way through the south area of phase 1, working its way north with priming following close behind. Tile installation in the resident room bathrooms continues to make great strides as that too works its way from the south to the north. Exterior work is now complete on the addition with the masonry complete and the new windows in place. Stay tuned as the next month will surely be a busy one!

After the renovation is complete Samaritas Senior Living of Saginaw will proudly feature 25 secure rooms for dementia care, 26 long-term care rooms and 40 rehab rooms. In the meantime, we continue to offer the best care and living experience we can for our residents and remain focused on our core values.

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