Color of Urine-Indicator of Your Health

By Jim Berk
Often in my exercise classes, I talk about the importance of drinking water, how it’s good for your organs and muscles and how the color of your urine can indicate whether you’re sufficiently hydrated. Dark colored urine usually indicates dehydration in your body. Sufficient hydration is indicated by mostly clear urine, perhaps with a slight yellowish tint.

Food and medicine can discolor your urine as well; beets can make it reddish or dark brown, carrots can turn it orange and asparagus can color it green.

Having blood in your urine could mean kidney disease or bladder cancer.  A urinary tract infection can cause red or brown coloration.

It’s not just sight, but smell too.  A bad odor can be the result of issues with your liver, kidney or bladder.

Get it checked out if you’re not sure and be aware of your body. Doing so will keep you healthy!


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