Refugee Mental Health Series: Part 1
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Refugee Mental Health Series: Part 1

Developing a Greater Understanding of the Experiences of Refugees and Displaced People

Event date: 5/5/2023 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Export event

The specific life experiences and stories of refugees are personal and unique for each individual, and most individuals have similarities. In this training we will identify the major current refugee populations, look to increase awareness of the experience of a refugee, anonymously highlight stories and experiences of our refugees, discuss several unique drivers of common behavioral health needs, and discuss strategies to create behavioral health systems that are culturally responsive and targeted to refugees.

  1. Identify three unique drivers of refugee mental health needs.
  2. Verbalize cultural considerations for different refugee populations.
  3. Identify three strategies to support the behavioral health needs of refugees.

This is a free virtual course!

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Questions, concerns, or need for special accommodations can be addressed at (616) 210-5431 or Space is limited. Registration closes on the day of the event. Cancellations should be texted or emailed.

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