The Season of Lent
emma / Thursday, March 2, 2017 / Categories: Grand Rapids Senior Living

The Season of Lent

Written by Grand Rapids Chaplain, Rebecca Ebb-Speese

This year, the entire month of March will be in the season of Lent. We traditionally look at the season of Lent as the six weeks of preparation for Holy Week with a focus on Jesus’ suffering and death. It is a time of self- examination, of spiritual discipline and works of love. The actual meaning of Lent is ‘Spring.’ It is the lengthening of days, coming of warmer weather and renewal of the earth after a dark winter. However, this winter has been unusually spring-like already so the dramatic change from winter to spring may not seem as exciting this year.

Let’s think of Lent as of time of renewing life, which spring time brings. I would like to share a prayer for the season of Lent for your reflection in these 40 days of discipline and renewal. 

“God of mercy, as we move through the journey of this season incite us to truthful reflection, faithful action and quiet release of all that is false and fleeting. Deliver us from every evil and protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the great feast of Easter, the Passover of the Lord Jesus from death to life with you. Amen.”

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