Sport as a Unifying Tool for Youth
When you have options, troubles melt away. When troubled youth see they have viable options, they realize their lives have direction and  possibility. At Samaritas, we strive to show the youth in our foster care, behavioral health and adoption programs, whether troubled or not, that they... Read More
The Meaning of Freedom
We are truly blessed to live in the United States and enjoy many freedoms. While we are focused now on our freedom as we celebrate Independence Day, it’s still all too easy to take these freedoms for granted.  Do you ever wonder, what does freedom really mean for us? Most... Read More
The Importance of Fathers
With Father’s Day just past, this is a great time to shine the light on the importance of positive male role models in the lives of children. There are many family structures in America, and many children who grow up to be successful adults without the typical two-parent household.... Read More
Sean de Four - Fox 2 Detroit
Father's Day is the appropriate time to evaluate what it means to be a father, and what it means to be a man in today's world. Having good, positive male role models throughout one's childhood is a key component to finding the answers, said Sean de Four, vice president of child... Read More
Aging Out of Foster Care - What's Next?
How much did you rely on your parents when you left for college? Started your first job? Became a parent for the first time? The need for loving guidance does not end when a kid turns 18, but for youth who’ve spent their life in foster care, there is no one to guide them as they step... Read More