Teaching Refugees to Fish in a Sea of Possibilities
Think of all the things we pack up just to enjoy a weekend away -- our best clothes, a few pairs of shoes, special jewelry or accessories, favorite snacks, and, of course, our beloved cellphone and plenty of extra money. Forgetting a toothbrush or extra pair of socks can be enough to cause... Read More
GM Group Supports Refugee Women
Cool Cars & Warm Hearts
Cool Cars & Warm Hearts On what would otherwise have been an ordinary Thursday evening, a passionate group of General Motors volunteers welcomed an enthusiastic group of children and their Mothers to the General Motors Global Headquarters at the Detroit Renaissance Center. These excited... Read More
Activities to Entertain Your Loved One with Dementia
Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia affect people in different ways. Although it’s necessary to acknowledge your loved one’s disease and impairment, it’s also important to learn about their strengths and remaining abilities and find enjoyable activities that... Read More
Overcoming Anxiety In Your Foster Child
Imagine being taken away from your mother, father, friends, and relatives, without even the slightest warning at all. What if you were being rooted in a new house, in an unfamiliar environment without even the slightest idea of when you will see your family next. This is what thousands of... Read More
Foster Care Blitz
Samaritas Fosters Hope. Samaritas Fosters Love. Samaritas Fosters Success. Samaritas Fosters --- (Don’t leave it blank.) This month, which is nationally known as Foster Care Month, Samaritas is sharing information and awareness throughout Michigan about foster care and all... Read More