Don't Give in to Fear
There are times in our lives, both individually and organizationally, when we let fear take over. It may not make sense but fear is not rational nor logical; it’s an emotional response to not knowing.    The truth is, we never really know what will come next. Today, as we... Read More
Join Us In the Parlor
How often do you sit in a meeting, listening with one ear, while texting, emailing and IMing on your tablet, smartphone or both at once? When was the last time you attended an event solely to feel the warmth in a handshake or notice the glow in another person’s eyes while you listen to... Read More
The Montessori Method
One of the remaining strengths of those with memory impairment is emotional memory. Those memories or skills that elicit a strong positive or negative emotion often remain with us despite changes that can occur due to dementia and other cognitive losses. Another remaining strength of those... Read More