From Foster Care to College
How ETV scholarships help children who once experienced foster care succeed at secondary education.
Malaysha White had the end of childhood in sight when everything for her family fell apart. A high school senior at Cass Technical with college on the horizon, White’s world turned upside down when her mother to fell into a deep depression and her father spiraled downward with his... Read More
Samaritas Fosters A Future
James DeMoines, 23, grew up in a turbulent household. One of six children of two mentally ill parents, life at home was violent and unstable. “Things were always hectic at home. My mom was bi-polar and abused drugs and my dad was violent toward my mom and us kids. But the situation was... Read More
Customer Service with a Smile
People First, Quality Service, Innovation, Communication, Stewardship. These are the Samaritas core values that reflect the spirit of customer service. The team at Samaritas Senior Living thank you for recognizing the sincerity and dedication of the staff... Read More
Celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Month
A volunteer is defined as “a person who voluntarily offers themself for a service or undertaking and without pay.” We have had the privilege to see a more personal view of the meaning of the word volunteer. A volunteer is not defined by age,... Read More