Olympian Frances Jones Shares Memories
By Lynn Golodner,  Frances Jones, resident of Samaritas Senior Living of Bloomfield Hills, led her Lansing Sea Sprites synchronized swimming teams to the 1960 and 1964 Olympics to demonstrate the art and the sport of synchronized swimming decades before it was recognized as an... Read More
5 Things You Need To Know About Memory Care
By Emma Lavengood, Here at Samaritas Senior Living, memory care is more than just a room. Memory Care is a program, a way of life. It's more than just assistant living.           Here at Samaritas Senior Living, memory care is more than... Read More
How Stress Affects Your Health
By Emma Lavengood, It is scientifically proven that past a certain age, humans experience stress. You may have stress caused by a job, family member, friend, circumstance or experience. You might feel like you are always busy, never having enough time for yourself or your family. Sometimes... Read More

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