July Senior Living News
July 2020 Samaritas Senior Living communities are comprised of thriving older adults living together in a loving and faith-based environment. Each month, these communities have special stories to share. For May, we’re proud to share what’s been happening in each one of... Read More
Mental Health Training
Samaritas SUD Services
Mental Health First Aid Samaritas was awarded over $470,000 from Oakland Together Community Response and Recovery Fund (CRRF) to help Oakland County seniors, youth, refugees, and immigrants deal with the emotional and economic hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with direct... Read More
5 Star Review - The Lodge
“My mom has been at Samaritas The Lodge now for over 2 years with Dementia. They are an awesome group of caretakers!! Her care has been excellent there. I have seen a little turnover but in fact my mom has had the same Aids and nursing staff now for over the 2 years. They are caring... Read More

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