Operation Ukraine Humanitarian Mission
Day 7
We had a very early start leaving Dej at 3am, and stopped for coffee and to meet with the 3 other vehicles to ride together in a caravan. All tanks were filled up and ready to go. We were joined by a mom with two kids and a single lady who needed a ride to Cernavtsi because they want to go... Read More
Operation Ukraine Humanitarian Mission
Day 5 & 6
Mihaela visited the township of Chiuiesti, population 2332, where 28 refugees are hosted at the cultural center. The mayor mobilized his team and the local community, including the local baptist and orthodox churches which resourced the project with a lot of financial donations and... Read More
Operation Ukraine Humanitarian Mission
Day 4
Mihaela met two young students from Cernavtsi, Ukraine, who are temporarily staying in the city of Dej to serve as volunteer interpreters assisting through a partnership between House of Hope Association, Emanuel Baptist Church, which took in approximately 40 refugees. The small Village of... Read More

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