CEO, Sam Beals shares Samaritas’ statement on racial injustice

Dear Samaritas Nation,

We serve others as an expression of the love of Christ. That is our mission. It drives everything we do. It is our identity, it gives us our purpose, it empowers our resilience and provides us our focus. It is our beacon that leads us through the darkness into the light. When a brother or sister in Christ is hurting, we all hurt. Our hearts go out to the family of George Floyd, other families who experienced similar injustice, and to the innocent victims of the subsequent violence whose lives have also been torn apart by tragedy.

We call upon our leaders as agents of change and encourage all of us to join them in being instruments of healing. We seek to be the hands, feet and words of Christ in support of unity, justice and the peace that surpasses understanding. We seek to give honor to and assume positive intent from all the lives we touch. We embrace peaceful protest that gives voice to the voiceless, advocates for justice, and encourages community and individual responsibility for ensuring the kind of evils we have witnessed do not prevail. Pray, because voices lifted in prayer for healing and the love of Christ working in and through us can drown out the violence. Empathize, because if we cannot look at injustice through the eyes of our brothers and sisters, we cannot resolve what is fundamentally broken in our communities and country. Support, because without a framework of hope, peace and love, we will not move forward as a country that can sustain the changes we need to make.

We stand today, with our Black brothers and sisters, as we have with people of all groups and backgrounds over the years, the mothers and fathers of slain sons and daughters, the underrepresented, disenfranchised and the innocent that have been victims of unwanted violence. Let’s be the rock that starts the ripple of transformation.

Peace & blessings,

sam signature
Sam Beals
Chief Executive Officer

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