Foster this Holiday

​Samaritas Asks Michiganders to Give Foster Kids a Home this Season

DETROIT – The holidays are a reminder of the importance of family and how the absence of a healthy family can change the course of a child’s path to adulthood. With approximately 10,000 children in Michigan’s foster care system, Samaritas is looking for foster parents who can give the gift of stability, love, and care. Those interested in the process can call (833) 605-HOPE (4673) or visit to learn more.

“While most of us wish for fancy gadgets and new toys, many foster children still long for the warmth of a home, the comfort of a bedtime story, and the simple joy of being part of a stable family,” said Laura Mitchell, Executive Director of Foster Care for Samaritas. “As we unwrap gifts and gather around the dinner table it’s easy to forget what truly matters.”

Parents everywhere struggle from time to time with child-rearing. Stressors such as the increased cost of living and lack of affordable housing can cause family strife. In the most extreme cases, these stressors may lead adults to pass along discontent and negativity to their children.

Through Samaritas, children in extremely negative situations are placed with a licensed foster parent for approximately 18 to 24 months until the child’s parents have resolved their issues. Foster care gives parents who need time and tools to deal with anger, trauma, substance abuse, and economic issues can get the time they need to get back on track.

“We’ve seen time and time again that the unresolved mental health issues of an individual can disrupt communities and lives in the worst way,” said Mitchell. “It’s why we need to pay attention to the kids who are impacted and give them the care they desperately need.” 

Michiganders have the power to transform a child's life by becoming a foster parent. Learn how to attend a foster care orientation by calling (833) 605-HOPE (4673) or visiting

Those who are uncomfortable with fostering can give Samaritas a donation to help recruit more caseworkers and resources to nurture the well-being of the kids and support the families they're placed with. Just visit to give any amount.

Samaritas serves thousands throughout Michigan, including refugees, children in foster care, adults with developmental disabilities, people struggling with addiction, and those in need of affordable housing.

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