June 2019 Greetings from the Executive Director

“God doesn’t look at things like humans do. Humans see what is visible to the eyes, but the Lord sees into the heart.” 1 Samuel 16-7

This verse is a eye-opening view of the world today. So many things go on around us and as humans we “see” with our eyes and judge based on that vision.

The result? Anger, disdain, frustration, judgement, gossip, and an overall sense of doom with negative emotions thrown in for good measure. So how should we respond to the frustrations that we see in the world? What are we to do with the anger and distrust that we see and allow to take over our minds and hearts? I believe the passage above leads us to go to our hearts and think about the response that is genuine, from the heart of love, compassionate and patient. It sounds so simple; yet our eyes and minds take over and it can be very difficult to take a breath, and to go inside our hearts to think about how we really should respond to what we are seeing, hearing and thinking.

In the past few years, I have been reading and researching the practice of mindfulness. This is a practice similar to a meditation practice. In my research, I have found that those who take the time to spend time alone in their thoughts with meditation on health, positive readings such as scripture or affirmations of self; report a better overall sense of happiness. So in an effort to help myself become less anxious and stressed about things I see, hear or think, I now spend time every day reflecting on things that promote love for others; understanding of others and ways to build others up in esteem, self-value and relationships.

I would encourage each of you to think about ways to become more mindful about what your heart is telling you to do with what your eyes see and tongue desires to speak. I have found that by taking to time to reflect on the outcomes of my negative thoughts and instead turning inward to find out what my heart knows, I am more at ease with problems, drama and anger from others. If you would like more information about ways to become more mindful and heart focused, please feel free to reach out to me. I have several resources in my office library and can find items specific to your interests. Self reflection is great at any age-and the benefitsare endless!

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