Operation Ukraine Humanitarian Mission

Day 4

Mihaela met two young students from Cernavtsi, Ukraine, who are temporarily staying in the city of Dej to serve as volunteer interpreters assisting through a partnership between House of Hope Association, Emanuel Baptist Church, which took in approximately 40 refugees. The small Village of Chiuesti (population 2332) took in 20 refugees.

Today, the team also met to finalize the logistics for the trip to Ukraine. The list of children includes 19 children and 14 mothers. The diagnostics include the following conditions: cancer, childhood autism, developmental disabilities, recurring bronchitis, and epilepsy. People and Deeds Association is handling the pre-arrival logistics to prepare the admission documentation as much as possible and minimize processing time with the Romanian authorities at the border.

final planning meeting

Mihaela is also scheduled to have interviews with Michigan Radio, Fox 2 News and Maranda.

Continuing to cover refuges stories, Mihaela plans to meet in the evening with several Ukrainian refugee families placed in temporary housing, where they receive assistance from congregation volunteers who are assisting with housing placement, donations, transportation and English and Romanian language training.

The refugee crisis in Ukraine is far from over. There are many ways to help refugees in your neighborhood, from monetary support to volunteering your time. Support Ukrainian Refugees in Michigan.

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