Remembering Religion

By Peggy Burns,

There is nothing like driving down the road, with the windows open and smelling pine trees. Every time I smell pine trees, it brings back memories of summer vacations driving to Iron Mountain MI, from Nebraska.

In visiting with the elderly, no matter what, if I start to say the Our Father, they will join right in and say the words with me. Religion has been an important part of the lives of many of our residents. In later years it can provide a way for recalling the past and creating feelings of spiritual fulfillment, comfort and familiarity. Sometimes people have difficulty expressing themselves, and often feel confused and anxious. But biblical stories, prayers and hymns can evoke forgotten memories- at a feeling or spiritual level, if not a cognitive level.

Starting on September 15, we will start a devotional, once a week, with our residents in Catered Living. It will be a time of music, touch, bible stories, discussions, prayer, togetherness and sharing. Rebecca Roeters and I will be doing this together and are excited to be able to offer this new activity.

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