Spring Cleaning Tips

A Floor-to-Ceiling Guide to Spring Cleaning

Let’s try to make spring cleaning less of a chore with a list of the best spring-cleaning tips. If you follow these - you’ll have spring cleaning done in no time!

  • Dust shelves, blinds, vents, moldings and light fixtures
    • Tip: dust from top to bottom to prevent from going over surfaces multiple times!
  • Wash your windows
    • Tip: it’s better to wash windows on a cloudy day since the sunshine can cause streaks when the cleaner dries too quickly!
  • Clean window treatments (including the shower curtain)
    • Tip: these do not need to be cleaned often - once or twice a year is enough.
  • Flip your mattress
    • Fun Fact: it can help you sleep better!
  • Donate unwanted clothes
    • Tip: If you didn’t wear it the season before - donate it to someone who would.
  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets
    • Tip: a mixture of salt, borax and white vinegar make for a great DIY carpet shampoo.
  • Give your hardwood floors some love
    • Tip: follow the grain of the wood
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet and/or make up bag
    • Tip: ask yourself “is this an essential item?” if not, toss it or store it elsewhere.
  • Clean your deck and furniture
    • Tip: magic erasers can remove winter’s grime and dust with very little scrubbing

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