State of the Art Senior Living

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about what’s really important in our Senior Living communities.

In order for us to provide the best care possible, and really implement our values, we need to do a better job at demonstrating that we value our staff. That’s something we’ve been working on. We at Samaritas Senior Living want every staff member in every community to know, deep within, that they are an essential part of the Samaritas system. We want them to know that they are incredibly valued every day that work is not just a job but an opportunity to make meaning and be of service in meaningful ways.

When you feel valued at work, you look forward to going to work. Positivity breeds positivity. And when you are in a positive mindset, you can provide better quality service to clients – the seniors who live in our communities or seek our services.

It all starts with our staff. We can have the most cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art facilities, flashy signs and inspiring art. But, if we do not have dedicated, happy staff, we have nothing to offer.

Right now, Samaritas Senior Living is knee-deep in a massive renovation of our community in Saginaw. It’s going to be beautiful and current and admirable.

But even more, we are investing in our staff because we know that will make happier residents and happier family members and a stronger reputation in the community.

Investment is not just dollars. It’s time, energy, focus and caring.

It’s ensuring that everyone knows and lives the values of our organization.

Recently, we celebrated our staff in Saginaw who have devoted 20 years to working with our community there. We had 16 individuals at that celebratory luncheon, 16 people who have devoted two decades (and counting!) to living and breathing the values of Samaritas Senior Living.

We honor birthdays and anniversaries, acknowledge good deeds and above-and-beyond acts with thank you cards. Little things make all the difference. This is how we transform our staff into a team of dedicated caregivers – by appreciating every moment they give from the heart.

When visitors come into our communities, our staff greet them with enthusiasm and kind smiles. It makes all the difference.

Six residents in Saginaw are second-generation Samaritas Senior Living community members. That means they loved what they saw when an older family member lived with us that they knew they wanted to reside here in their golden years.

That’s a testament to the kind of care and value we exhibit. State of the Art Senior Living depends on the quality of the people who build a community.

Leigh McLeod is VP, Senior Living, Samaritas.

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