Super Foods You Should Eat in 2017

By: Jim Berk

I hope your holiday season was a good one, filled with joy and happiness. It may have involved overeating a bit or ingesting a few too many sweets. That’s alright because January affords us an opportunity to start over and begin a very nutritious routine which will benefit your health.

The following are some super foods, providing valuable vitamins:

• Sweet potatoes - They are one of the best vegetables you can eat, with potassium, fiber and cancer fighting ingredients.

• Leafy greens - High in vitamins A and C, leafy greens give you potassium and fiber.

• Broccoli - Filled with vitamin C, broccoli also has cancer fighting properties.

• Mango - It also has vitamin C, which is wonderful for your skin and blood vessels while also protecting you against heart disease.

• Salmon - Especially when wild-caught, Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

• Beans - All beans are healthy and abundant in protein, iron, fiber, potassium and zinc.

If you can include a few of the above items in your nourishment, you’ll be so much healthier. Enjoy!

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