The Importance of Community

In our Affordable Living communities around the state, we strive to create a sense of community, welcome and belonging for all of our residents. At our Rochester location, the community hosts a July 4th celebration every year, with the support of a local church.

It's a time to honor our shared values of independence and freedom. It's also a time to recognize the veterans who live with us there.

Many U.S. military veterans experience the need to find subsidized housing later in life, and we are glad to provide a clean, safe, affordable option to call home.

This year's celebration took place on June 30th. Of our 163 residents, six are veterans whom we are proud to recognize every year during our celebration of freedom and national pride.

Stephen Goscenski, age 62, served in the Army from 1972-1974. Richard Pounds, Jr., age 57, served in the Army Aviation Medivac unit from 1980-1986, and was deployed to Grenada. Andy Dina served in the Navy in Korea, 1952-1956, plus three years in the National Guard.

These gentlemen are grateful for the freedoms this nation provides. They are patriotic. They are proud to have served. And we are proud of them.

"I am proud to be American," says Stephen. "This is the best country in the world.

"When I served, people had respect for one another," says Andy. "There is so much respect for veterans that sometimes it's too much!"

Their community in Rochester is a diverse one, with people of all backgrounds, faiths, and experiences.  Their ages range between 25 and 96. They look out for one another.

"Many people need an affordable place to live within a safe environment," says Mary Ware-Kempa, administrator. "They have it here at Samaritas Affordable Living."

In fact, we have a one-year waiting list for residents who want to become part of this community of one-bedroom apartments. Andy's been here 15 years, eight of which he served as caretaker. Stephen's lived here for five years and is currently the after hours caretaker.  He is also a recent recipient of a Citizen Citation Award for his help that he provided during a fire last year.  Both gentlemen embody the meaning of "community" through their caring service and concern for their neighbors.

We at Samaritas strive to provide welcoming homes for people who need affordable places to live. At each of our 15 affordable living communities, it is our priority to focus on providing value and support to every person who crosses our path.

Mary Muliett is VP, Home & Community, Samaritas

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