Welcoming Refugees to the US

How to find a sponsor for yourself, your family, or a broader group

Many people in need of refuge don't know an eligible person in the U.S. to sponsor them. If you are one of them, please read on for how to connect with potential sponsors safely and securely. Due to the scale of the displacement crisis, unfortunately there are many more people in need of safety than there are sponsors to assist them. Welcome.US is working to close this gap by educating Americans about sponsorship and encouraging them to support newcomers like you. If you are from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Ukraine, or Venezuela, you may be able to use the Welcome Connect Platform to connect with an American sponsor.

Welcome Connect is an online platform where potential sponsors in the U.S. and people seeking sponsors can connect and get to know each other. Then they decide together if sponsorship is a good fit and begin the application process with the U.S government. The Welcome Connect registration page for people seeking sponsors opens up on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Click Here for more information on the registration process or to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

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