What to Look for in a Senior Community

Narrow your search

  • Is the community in a town or community that you like or have heard good things about?
  • Is the location convenient for family and friends to visit?
  • Is the area safe, with a low crime rate?
  • Is it a well-respected company you trust?

Next, narrow by community

  • What level of care is right for you? Our friendly sales representative can help you determine if independent or assisted living makes more sense for your situation.
  • Is the community close to shopping, restaurants, a medical center, and other services?
  • Are there other levels of care available, such as assisted living, should you need it?
  • What are your must haves in a community?

Ask preliminary questions when you call

  • What services and amenities are included in the price?
  • What services are available for additional fees?
  • What types of payment do you accept?
  • Do you have any programs to help with the transition process?

About the community

  • Is the neighborhood quiet and pleasant?
  • Is covered parking available, and is it free or is there an additional charge?
  • Is there easy access to public transportation? Is transportation provided?
  • Are the buildings and grounds clean, spacious, and well maintained?
  • Are the common spaces in the community pleasant and appealing?
  • How many rooms are available where you can visit with other residents and with visiting family members?
  • How extensive are the outdoor areas for recreation, exercise, and visiting?

About the apartment units and fees

  • Do the accommodations include a wide range of housing options, including smaller apartments or studios should you wish to downsize?
  • Are there handicapped-equipped units, should you need one at some point?
  • Is there adequate storage space in the unit, or is additional storage provided?
  • Are dogs, cats, and other pets allowed and, if so, are there limits on type or size?
  • Will you be allowed to have visitors at any time and overnight, or are there curfews or other rules?
  • Will you be required to have renter’s insurance?
  • Are housekeeping services available, and at what price?
  • Which maintenance issues are you responsible for and which are included with the unit?
  • Are the fees transparent and easy to understand or is there an ala cart price structure?
  • Is there a meal plan, and how flexible is it? If so, what are the dining facilities like?
  • Are the leases month to month or do you have to sign for a whole year?

About food, activities and social life

  • Will your visiting family members be invited to join you for meals?
  • Is there an extensive, varied schedule of classes and activities, including some that interest you?
  • Are there evening events, such as movie nights and performances by local theater, dance, and music groups?
  • Is there a gym or fitness center?
  • What types of additional recreation facilities are offered?
  • Is there a private dining or community room available for family and other large events?
  • Are there religious services in the community or nearby?
  • Is there a barbershop and beauty salon in the community or nearby?

About community staff

  • Are the staff friendly and do they make you feel welcome?
  • Is there an activity director or staff members charged with organizing and leading activities?
  • Does the community provide in-home care companions in case you need assistance in the future?
  • Is there an RN, LVN, or CNA on staff?

Have additional questions? Contact us today!

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* Important Notice *

Earlier this year, Samaritas was under investigation by the state for allegations of abuse in our emergency shelter in Grand Rapids. We opened this shelter 26 months earlier for children from Central America crossing the border fleeing from horrible condition; we were asked to take in Afghan youth when there was no other place for them to go after the crisis in Afghanistan occurred. We accepted 19 youth in response to this request and our long-term commitment to help youth to the greatest extent possible at the time of their greatest need. Samaritas was one of several similar emergency shelters across the country asked to take in these refugee youth.

Due to the severe level of trauma they had endured, many of them required intensive therapy and counseling. As a result of the growing concern we had for the depth and breadth of those needs of the youth and the safety of our team, we made the decision to work with our referring partners to move the youth to other programs where they could access the higher level of trauma-informed care, supervision, and medical attention that they required. Due to state and federal oversight of our programs, we are unable to share specific details of the investigation but we were cleared of any abuse allegations by the state and all youth were transferred to appropriate residential placements where they could receive the care they needed. Samaritas continues to be a state and federal leader in refugee resettlement, including refugee foster care.


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