Your New Career is at Samaritas

Update as of January 10, 2022

You can play a role in maintaining a Samaritas workplace full of smart, kind, and compassionate co-workers that you love to work with. You can start by sharing this invitation for the upcoming West Michigan Virtual Job Fair, sign up by January 17. You can also share the available Samaritas jobs with your friends and family. Some jobs, like the ones with our Senior Living Service Line, include bonuses for you and the applicant.

Care for Seniors
Do you treasure the wisdom of older adults and have a passion for keeping them healthy and well? See this list of career opportunities for details.

Support Refugees
Do you feel passionate about improving the lives of refugee families and would like to work with them to get acclimated to life in the U.S.? We have a variety of opportunities available.

Help People with Their Recovery
Are you passionate about recovery and helping people stop abusing or using substances? Then your passion can be fulfilled with any of these positions.

Coordinate with the Community
Do you have a great relationship with community partners and enjoy matching people with resources and programs? If so, then one of these jobs might be for you.

Nurture Young People
Do you want to be a good role model for kids who’ve had a rough start to life? Click here to find jobs that will let you mentor a young person, guide their development and navigate family drama.

Encourage Those with Disabilities
Do you have a kind heart to give adults with developmental disabilities the chance they deserve to thrive? With one of these jobs you can determine activities that will enrich their lives.

Get a Side Hustle
Maybe you already have a job and could use a little extra income. If you’re in that position, then consider applying for these part-time jobs

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