Family Center "You Rock" Wall

family center wall

By Angela M. Oleksiak
Samaritas Director of Training and Development

As our 2019 “You Rock!” wall initiative comes to a close, I am so happy to share this picture board completed by Amy Tracy at the Family Center in Westland. Below she shares the motivation and symbolism of her board. Her thoughts are truly an inspiration for all of us to #BetheRock that spread ripples of positive transformation.

  • House -  We are a part of Home and Community and we strive to provide a safe, happy, and healthy home for our families while they are with us.
  • Named Cobblestones - Each Family Center team member brings their energy, heart, personality, time, and hard work into our center to build up "our house". Each one is important to make us what we are.
  • Window Frames - The crosses in the 3 window frames are representative for our mission of "Serving people as an expression of the love of Christ".
  • Stones at the Bottom - These stones were gathered from Lake Michigan beaches. Maybe at some point they fell in or were tossed in causing "ripples". Since Samaritas serves the state of Michigan and we say "Be the rock that starts the ripple", real Michigan rocks that may have left some real ripples were included.


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