Accountability in Elderly Caregivers

As the caretakers of society’s beloved elderly relatives, employees at a senior care center in Bloomfield Hills are responsible for ensuring exceptional mental, physical, and emotional support is delivered to residents at all times. Elders depend on responsible, compassionate care, and trust staff with a level of their independence as they transition from their family residence to independent, assisted, or skilled nursing facilities. It is important for family and friends to remain involved in everyday resident life beyond the initial transition period to ensure older adults benefit from the experience. Here are some practices to keep in mind when in contact with caregivers in a senior home in Bloomfield Hills.

Know the Roles of Staff

There are a variety of professionals which operate in facilities for the elderly and ensure these individuals are provided the assistance and resources they need to lead healthy and happy lives. Individuals may encounter administrators, technicians, custodial workers, dieticians, nurses, physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists on any given day according to their needs. Understanding who frequents resident dwellings, administers medication, or organizes special events can improve an individual’s experience as a resident and ensure proper aid is given to loved ones. In addition, family members living in elderly homes will appreciate the interest given to relationships they have within their new accommodations.

Communicate Elder Needs

A second important task for family members invested in exceptional care for their elders is to become advocates for strong, open lines of communication. In order to provide personalized and quality assistance to residents, it is crucial for physicians, specialists, staff, and family members to discuss implications of care together. Strong communication between relatives and staff regarding treatment plans, rehabilitation, changes to prescription medications, resident health, and behavior allows parties to seek clarification and express concerns before they become problems.

Watch for Signs of Elder Abuse

While centers in Bloomfield Hills are known for providing exceptional aid, it is necessary to keep a vigilant eye on any known residents to ensure family members are receiving proper assistance. Unfortunately, there are individuals who have less interest in the wellbeing of the recipients, sometimes resulting in negligence, wounds or injuries to residents, physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, and even financial abuse. Signs of elder abuse include bedsores, bruising, poor hygiene, lethargy, change in demeanor, and excessive medicating, as well as receiving costly invoices for unnecessary medical treatments and irrelevant testing.

In addition to maintaining contact with center staff and communicating the needs of residents, listening to the family member’s experiences can help keep family members updated about other aspects of residency that impact senior living.


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