Choosing the Right Long-Term Care For Seniors

As senior adults mature, some individuals may experience an increased dependency on family members to complete activities safely. While some elders may continue to thrive in their homes unassisted, others may benefit from additional help in the form of professional caregivers, skilled nurses, or more permanent relocation to retirement communities or nursing homes. A variety of long-term care options are available for elders and their families, including senior living in Bloomfield Hills. Here are a few options to consider when discussing long-term care for seniors.

Aging in Place

Individuals who are able to continue residing in their homes independently and comfortably in old age, and welcome assistance into their residence as needs change over time, are considered to age in place. In order to ensure individuals are able to remain at home, it is essential to take proper safety precautions, which may include upgrades to bathroom fixtures, the addition of a ramp, or installation of a chair lift. In addition to various renovations throughout the individual’s home, some older adults may consider homemaking services or landscapers. These types of adjustments can be costly, but remaining in the residence is often a preference for aging adults.

Independent Living

Some may decide to transition into the realm of independent living, which allows older, generally self-sufficient adults to live in independent housing units within an elderly community. They maintain the power to choose to spend time enjoying planned activities within the community or downtown with friends.

Assisted Living

While programs vary at assisted living facilities in Bloomfield Hills, elders can expect the comfort of independent accommodations combined with the security of constant surveillance, varying levels of care, assistance with medication distribution, organized community events and activities, laundry services, and housekeeping.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

When considering elders who require medical assistance, skilled nursing facilities may be necessary to ensure individuals receive proper assistance for debilitating medical conditions or following a hospital stay. Skilled nursing facilities, also known as nursing homes, operate continuous surveillance, provide meals to residents, and manage medications. As individuals typically have mental or physical barriers to independence, skilled nursing facilities offer rehabilitation to improve quality of life for seniors.

Home Care Services

If elders and their families wish to maintain the comfort of home whilst experiencing the peace of mind which is derived from skilled nursing, there are services available in which caretakers and homemakers will visit the residence to aid the elder with everyday tasks. In many cases, requesting these services individually can be expensive for elders and their families.


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