Common Issues in Adoption

Adopting a child can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved, but adoptive parents may experience complications in terms of a child’s physical, emotional, and psychological health, as well as personal obstacles to successful adjustment during the transition. These may including unforeseen financial burden in the form of medical bills or legal fees, cultural differences, and ethical considerations. It is essential that prospective parents understand the process in full and conduct thorough research prior to committing to such a heavy responsibility as being a designated caregiver of a child who has spent time in the foster care system. The following are a few examples of common issues for families that choose to apply for foster care adoption in Michigan.

Emotional and Psychological Troubles

Unfortunately, being placed in the foster care system can leave an impactful mark on young people who are struggling to define themselves and their importance to society. Children may wonder why their birth parents chose to give them up or make decisions which resulted in the child being removed from the home. Dependent on whether the adoption was open or closed, children may have a tough time managing relationships with two sets of parents. Feelings of worthlessness or stress may result in the child engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

Selective Parental Permission

In some cases, the rights to a child are not relinquished by both birth parents when permission cannot be requested. There have been incidents where adoptive families have been confronted by unexpected legal implications resulting in both emotional and financial stress.

Heightened Financial Expectations

The cost of raising a child can be crippling to families, especially when considering younger children who require formula and diapers, and graduate to larger clothing sizes frequently. Because adoption applications solely require that prospective parents have a form of employment, it should be expected that some families feel the burden of an additional mouth to feed more than others do.

Incomplete Understanding of Child Wellness

Particularly in closed adoption cases, parents may not be granted access to their child’s full medical history to make determinations regarding overall health and financial expectations. Confidentiality in these situations can result in surprise diagnoses and high medical bills.

It is important to remember that despite any difficulties parents may face, adoption is an excellent choice for families. When social workers and foster care agencies identify a perfect match, the concerns discussed may fade. The walls of the adoptive family’s home will be filled with the sound of a child who can thrive and experience stability sometimes for the first time in their lives. Issues which may arise are relative to the individual child and situation andff some of the concerns listed may never come to light.



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