Common Rehabilitation Services You Should Know About

Community living centers can provide a variety of medical services to residents. These can include skilled nursing care, senior rehabilitation services, medication administration, assistance with bathing or changing, illness monitoring, and many more. Below is more information about three rehab services that are offered at the living center in Grand Rapids: physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

Physical therapy

If you or a family member is experiencing pain or limited mobility after a medical incident, like surgery or a recent injury, the staff members at a senior rehabilitation center are available for many physical therapy needs. Muscle strengthening is very important after these incidents, and can be regained with therapies like swimming, balancing exercises, walking, and endurance exercises.

While every patient will have different needs, these physical therapy programs can be adapted to whatever you are going through and need the most assistance with. Trained professionals are familiar with seeing a wide variety of physical impairments and types of movement pain.

Speech therapy

After a brain injury such as a stroke, many patients are unable to do everyday tasks like eat, drink, communicate, or swallow properly. Speech therapists are available to assist with these frightening problems to get you back on track to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Skilled nursing care in Grand Rapids can provide patients with the testing, treatment, and support they need to fully recover. Practicing therapy strategies daily will ensure that you are putting in all the work to get the best results possible. Effective communication is crucial to doing the things we carry out in daily life, so investing time in speech therapy is always a good idea if you find yourself struggling.

Occupational therapy

While physical therapy and speech therapy both relate to everyday tasks and jobs, occupational therapy fully focuses on these routine tasks. If you have trouble doing the most minor of tasks around the house or at your job, occupational therapy might be right for you. Whatever you are struggling with, there are occupational therapists to guide and assist you through the entire process, even if it takes years. Patience is key with occupational therapy, as results do not come overnight. But rest assured that you will have professionals monitoring your progress and encouraging you to succeed.

Physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are all important medical services that are provided at your nearby Grand Rapids senior rehabilitation and living center. If these services are something you or a family member needs daily access to, it is worth investing time in these therapeutic services. It is never worth it to risk your health.


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