Creating A Proper Senior-Friendly Diet

Out of the millions of seniors that unfortunately have hospital visits each year, a large chunk of them is suffering from some level of malnutrition. Note that in this case, malnutrition doesn’t mean not eating enough, but not eating enough to get a necessary nutrient intake. This is why a balanced diet is so important for seniors. Senior living in Saginaw generally provides meals made with these needs in mind, but what about all the seniors who are living independently and want to keep it that way? What about families who want to make a home-cooked meal to warm the hearts of their loved ones while still keeping them healthy? Here are some of the elements you want to consider.


A good place to start for seniors as far as key nutrients to look for is calcium. A major reason for this is that while calcium helps bones at any age, seniors may need more help in this area than others. As we get older, the body starts producing less of the necessary materials that build up bones, while our bones continue to wear down at the same rate. As a result, you want to make sure that you are getting plenty of calcium to help support your bones. Note that you’re not just limited to milk here, as fortified cereals and leafy green vegetables can work just as well.


Potassium is another notable example of a nutrient that seniors, and everyone, for that matter, should be trying to get more of. As a matter of fact, statistics show that only roughly 3% of Americans are getting the potassium they should on a daily basis. Because the body doesn’t produce its own potassium, this poses a huge problem. To make sure you don’t find yourself in this predicament, make sure that you are eating not only bananas, but spinach, beans, and avocados. Potassium may help reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Sometimes, it’s also about what you don’t eat, like excess sodium or foods with simple sugars.


In some cases, you may want to look into professional help to try and improve your diet or the diet of your loved ones. In these cases, places you want to start with include your doctor or senior rehabilitation in Saginaw, but you may also want to look up a nutritionist as well. This is especially the case if you decide to turn to dietary supplements. In some cases, supplements do the best work in helping get seniors who are deficient in a certain nutrient up to speed. For this, it is best to talk with your doctor or nutritionist as you may need blood work and professional guidance to verify its effectiveness.




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