Don and Joe

My name is Josephine. My husband Don & I moved into Samaritas in June of 2014. We were both in good health  but well into our 80s, and we knew the time would be coming when we would need permanent plans. We heard about Samaritas and came for a tour. After that, we decided this is where we wanted to be. I just loved it.

We wanted to be some place where we were settled and knew people, so if something happened to one of us, we were not alone. In September of 2016, Don’s health turned for the worst and he passed away. We had talked about this. I have all kinds of support here. Many people still talk about Don and what a great guy he was. 

It is a comfort to me that people here in my Samaritas community still think about Don.

There are many wonderful activities. I enjoy the service projects, especially when we crochet items and pack lunches for the homeless.

I also attend exercise class three mornings a week and yoga twice a week, which I love.

"You're never alone. Someone is here 24 -7. I feel safe and secure when I go to bed at night. My daughters also feel very comfortable knowing that there is someone looking after me. They don't have to worry. It is a real peace of mind for them. I can't say enough. I just love it here!" - Josephine


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