Economic Stimulus Package for Nonprofits
Why Nonprofits Must Be Included in a COVID-19 Relief and Economic Stimulus Package Nonprofits Are Significant Employers. Nonprofits employ 12.3 million people (the third largest workforce –tied with manufacturing), with payrolls exceeding those of most other U.S. industries, including... Read More
Coronavirus Update
Samaritas Nation, We know there is deep concern about the spread of COVID-19 (the new coronavirus) and how it may have an effect on us here at Samaritas, where we have five senior living communities across the state: Bloomfield Hills, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Traverse City and Cadillac.... Read More
Michigan Counties Open to Refugee Resettlement
Oakland County Executive David Coulter says Michigan's second largest county will continue to allow for the resettlement of refugees. In his letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Coulter emphasized how refugees have contributed to the county's growth, which accepted the... Read More

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