How to Get a Child More Motivated to Help Around the House

Every parent would appreciate getting a little bit more help around the house, and naturally, one of the first people you’re going to turn to for this help is your children. This isn’t just about taking a load off of your shoulders as a parent, either. According to research, children who have more household responsibilities and chores are more likely to be helpful outside the home. However, there may be some roadblocks to reaching that point. So, as a part of your foster parent training in Michigan, here are some things you should keep in mind.

In some cases, it’s just a flat-out case of children not likely to do housework, and this is fair. After all, there’s a reason why chores have the connotation they do, and in some cases, it’s difficult for a child’s brain to justify something like dusting when they don’t get anything out of it and could be doing something else. To handle this issue, you want to make sure that you take the time to show how this is more about helping your child get good at something. Adding this layer of things to it means a newfound layer of pride and accomplishment that can make even the dullest work appealing. Another thing worth doing is trying to make this a bonding experience by working together.

A lot of the time, it’s about motivating children to do a good job, but sometimes, it’s more about correcting your own behavior as a parent. For example, especially with younger children, they may want to be around you a lot, even while doing housework. However, for little kids, their idea of helping may be a bit too much of an impediment versus actual help, so you go and move them along to play or do something else while you get key tasks out of the way. In order to make sure that this isn’t an issue for you, make sure that you frame the chore time properly. It’s not about helping you save time, but helping your children develop skills. If it helps to try and set up some expectations so your children feel that they are contributing. Even the youngest child enjoys that.

For older children, it may be an issue of time management. After all, you may have children that are involved in school as well as several extracurricular activities. The older they get, the more their energy is taxed. In order to handle this issue, try to have a concrete calendar of activities so you know when housework can be worked in.



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