July 2019 - A Message from Administrator Jana Broughton

Samaritas isn’t just a senior living community– it is home to more than 300 individuals. Our job is to make sure that it feels like home to our seniors and their families. We encourage families to come visit and participate in the daily lives of their loved ones. To that end, I wanted to highlight some of the ways you can join us in community.
We’ve been working hard to develop fun ways you can get involved. One of these opportunities is the Academy. Our new winter classes are being planned and will be announced during happy hour on Friday, August 23. It’s a great program that you can participate in with your loved one. We aim for a variety of classes. Some of our most poular ones have been cooking, history and gardening! Visit to www.samaritas.org/theacademy to learn more.
Another great opportunity to build connections are through the support groups available across the campus. These are groups made up of primarily family members of persons going through major life changes such as illness or dementia.
In these groups you can share and learn from others going through similar experiences.
Reach out to Chaplain Josh Baron (JBaro@samaritas.org or (616) 284-5711) if you’d like to learn more. Chaplain Josh Baron also teaches weekly church services and Bible studies which you are invited to attend. We offer many volunteer opportunities on our campus. Whether it’s a one time commitment or a regularly scheduled weekly event, we would love to have you spend your time with us. Please reach out to Anna Blanchard (ablan@samaritas.org or (616) 284-5713) to learn more about how you can partner with us in this capacity.
We’re lucky to have such wonderful seniors living at Samaritas and are eager to identify new ways to have you join us on our campus. As always, let us know if there is anything we can do to make you or your loved one feel
more at home.

- Jana Broughton


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