June 2019 - A Message from our Executive Director

I had the privilege of being on Dr. Nandi’s show to discuss healthy aging, which will be aired later this year. A huge part of aging well is finding your passion and continuing to live joyously. Healthy aging is about adapting to what you can do and not focusing on what you can’t do. Some examples that come to mind are an artist - who due to arthritis may be more limited in their craft – however they can enjoy the DIA.

Another example is we have several residents who love to garden and we have invested in raised garden beds so that those who love to grow flowers can continue to do so. The saying ‘move it or lose it’ is very true! Whether it’s our physical activity or mental stimulation it all makes a difference to aging well. Take advantage of our walking path! We are investing in repaving this path and waiting for a break in weather for the work to begin. Four times around is a mile. You don’t have to do it all at once, even breaking it down to several times a day is still beneficial.

An attitude of gratitude is also beneficial for aging well. Finding at least one thing a day to be thankful for helps with being positive, which research shows helps stave off cognitive decline. We have a lot of opportunities for joy with our Life Enrichment program and throughout the community. Whether it’s lunch out, music programs, exercise classes, parties and current events there is something for everyone.

Good nutrition is another component of aging well. Fruits and vegetables are important for good health. Limiting sweets and drinking alcohol in moderation is important for overall health, whatever age you are!
Wishing you all a happy and healthy July!


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