Minimizing the Chance of Falls for Seniors

Many people who don’t have a lot of seniors in their lives may not entirely understand why there is so much concern about falls, but the fact of the matter is that this concern is mostly well-warranted. In some cases, a fall can lead to prolonged health issues, and even be fatal, if the senior doesn’t have the chance to get proper medical attention. Even after recovery, a fall may lead to a loss of confidence in terms of daily activities. Senior rehabilitation in Grand Rapids will help you recover in the event of a fall, but as it is with most health issues, you want to try and get ahead of the problem with some preventative measures. So, where should you start?


Let’s talk about independent seniors first, as these are the people who may be at the most immediate risk if there is no one at home to assist them following a fall. An important thing to do is try and set up the home to minimize any fall hazard. A lot of the time, basic clutter is one of the major culprits behind falls, and while it may take a little bit of added time to clear this out, it doesn’t cost you a thing. Try to focus on organization that keeps potential trip hazards out of general walking paths. Another thing to do is make sure that you get rid of rugs and loose carpets, as these can lead to falls as well.


Depending on your funds, time, and availability, you may want to also make some modifications in your house to try and minimize fall risk, especially in certain areas where falls are common. For example, the combination of tile floors and moisture makes bathrooms one of the most likely areas in the house to have a fall. This is why people invest in things like walk-in tubs, safety seats, and grab bars for senior-friendly bathrooms. Another potential option you want to look into is improving lighting in certain areas, like hallways, corners, and even some outdoor areas.


One surprising cause behind some falls is medication. In some cases, certain medications combined can cause dizzy spells or feelings of light-headedness. In these cases, a doctor may be able to help by changing your medications or giving you advice on how to properly react to a dizzy spell. Exercise also helps, surprisingly enough. Having strong muscle tone and a sense of balance pays off with better coordination well into old age.


In addition, make sure that you have a plan in place in case a fall does happen, especially if your loved one may be alone for periods of time. Make sure that you have a way for them to contact help if needed, as well as know where they can get skilled nursing care in Grand Rapids in case their fall leads to any sort of lasting injury.


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