Operation Good Cheer

WZZM 12-08-18

This Christmas gift-giving program, sponsored and coordinated by Child and Family Services, Inc. State Office, began in 1971 by individuals who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children who reside in foster care. Recipients include infants, children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities from Samaritas and many other social service agencies across the state. Over 5,000 children and youth are provided with gifts each year to open on Christmas morning and since 1971 more than 87,000 participants have had their Christmas wishes come true as a result of Operation Good Cheer volunteer efforts. Donor groups and individuals purchase and wrap Christmas gifts from a child's "Wish List". At donor sites, these gifts are picked up and transported by volunteer trucking companies and their drivers to a centrally located airport. Pilots and drivers with their aircraft and vehicles transport the gifts to local airports across Michigan. At each airport, agency volunteers gather the gifts and deliver them to the children and youth in foster care. This impressive display of generosity provides thousands of youth, some of whom would not receive anything otherwise, with gifts and the joy of knowing there are people who care. (provided by cfsm.org)

If you are interested in helpiing our children in foster care, please visit samaritas.org/foster-care
For more information on how you can get involved with Samaritas,


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