Chemical Cares Day
We had over 20 volunteers from Chemical Bank in Troy volunteer their time between our girls ILP Home in Southfield for Fall Clean Up and here in Detroit for Foster Care Wish Room. At the ILP home, volunteers pulled weeds, planted (purple) tulips and wildflowers that will bloom in spring... Read More
Support the Grace Act
Stop Refugee Resettlement Cuts
The Value of a Mandate in Support of Refugee Resettlement In response to the Administration’s recent decision to decrease the number of refugee resettlements to 18,000 from an average of 95,000 for the past several decades, we urge all of you to support the GRACE Act, which establishes... Read More
Freedom Village
Samaritas is proud to announce that we are partnering with Wayne County, Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency, Community Action Agency, and the city of Hamtramck, Michigan to create Freedom Village. Resettlement designed to provide refugees and immigrants with transitional affordable... Read More

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