Money Follows The Person: May lose funding come January
MFP provides funding to states which helps more than 91,000 people with disabilities.
Dear Samaritas Nation, As you may be aware, Samaritas had the privilege to provide a variety of services to those with disabilities throughout our 85 years of ministry work. Because of this long term commitment we have been advocating for the needed support to sustain these services on an... Read More
I'll be Home for Christmas
Written by Rachel Sykes, Director, Child and Family Southwest How exciting – the Holidays are here! And, let’s be honest, the Christmas enthusiasts out there, myself included, have been tuned into the local Christmas radio station for several weeks now. Who can... Read More
News Release: Giving Tuesday
Thrivent Member Network – Great Lakes Region to Match $1 for Every $2 Donated to Samaritas on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 3
DETROIT (Nov. 25, 2019) – The Thrivent Member Network – Great Lakes Region and Samaritas are encouraging Michiganders to consider making an online donation at on Dec. 3 to help some of... Read More

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