Our Community
Written by Rev. Richard A. Anderson, Chaplain -  We may speak of community in a variety of ways. In a socio/political sense, community may mean individuals making up a neighborhood, a village, a state or a nation, within those geographical boundaries there may be people of... Read More
How and Why to Give Back
Giving back can be pretty simple, especially if you have time to give. Not all giving has to be in the form of money. Here are some ways you can give back: • Take household items to a local consignment store • Donate time to help tutor students • Give... Read More
Tips to Lower Cholesterol
We all know about the dangers of high cholesterol and how it can lead to heart disease. There are two kinds of cholesterol: bad (LDL) and good ( HDL). You accumulate bad cholesterol if you eat too much saturated fat, like animal meat. If your LDL is too high, plaque builds up... Read More

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