The Importance of Sibling Connections
By Trisha Sverns, LMSW (Director of Child and Family, West MI) - Family connections are vital to all of us, and the same is true for children in foster care. The sibling bond is unique and can often be the longest lasting relationship in your lifetime. Research shows that... Read More
Welcome to our New Interim Administrator Percell Smith Jr.
Percell Smith, Jr. is currently serving as the interim administrator of Samaritas Senior Living in Saginaw. Percell has an extensive background as a healthcare executive in long term care operations with 25 years of experience as a licensed nursing home administrator. He is a career coach/mentor... Read More
Maranda Park Parties
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – It was a very special day in Grand Rapids as Maranda took the party back to where it all started 25 years ago! Maranda and the Park Party crew headed to Garfield Park in Grand Rapids for the final party of the summer! Read More

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