Michigan Counties Open to Refugee Resettlement
Oakland County Executive David Coulter says Michigan's second largest county will continue to allow for the resettlement of refugees. In his letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Coulter emphasized how refugees have contributed to the county's growth, which accepted the... Read More
Teddy: More than just a Snowman
This is more than just a snowman...It is a symbol of hope. It is safety from a war torn nation. It is the peace of mind in having a warm place to sleep. It is the courage deciding to leave everything behind. It is the joy and gratitude of being free. It is hope for a brighter future. This... Read More
Money Follows The Person: May lose funding come January
MFP provides funding to states which helps more than 91,000 people with disabilities.
Dear Samaritas Nation, As you may be aware, Samaritas had the privilege to provide a variety of services to those with disabilities throughout our 85 years of ministry work. Because of this long term commitment we have been advocating for the needed support to sustain these services on an... Read More

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