Vesna and Edin

Our names are Vesna and Edin. Our journey with Samaritas began in 1995 when we resettled from Bosnia and Herzegovina as refugees through Samaritas.

One year later, we were given the opportunity to help other immigrants through Samaritas’ refugee program. Although both of us received Engineering degrees in Bosnia, our career paths in the United States have transformed through Samaritas.

Edin started his career building computers for the refugee program. His computer skills were recognized by the IT director, who decided to give him a chance to advance his expertise and expand upon his responsibilities, by working in the IT department. Edin has grown from refugee case manager to senior IT business analyst. His innovative journey would not have been possible without the initial opportunity and support that Samaritas has provided over the years.

Vesna’s passion for engineering dwindled while her passion to help make a difference for immigrants grew. As a manager in the refugee program and an immigrant herself, Vesna finds no better feeling than that of helping people facing similar struggles that she had previously faced.

In a time of struggle and desperation, Samaritas offered us an opportunity that greatly impacted our lives. Moreover, our careers have offered us the ability to impact others in the same way we were helped many years ago. What seems like a simple opportunity for a young immigrant couple to work in the United States has actually evolved into the ability to make a life changing impact in others’ lives. - Edin & Vesna


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