What Your Mother Said About Soup is True

Written by Jim Berk, 

What your mother or grandmother said about the advantages of soup is true. Whether you eat soup as an appetizer or a main meal, it’s so good for you in so many ways.

Lentil, barley, vegetable and bean soups have lots of fiber; they can fill you up faster, satisfy your hunger longer and help you lose weight. Because hot soup is hard to gulp or guzzle, you’re more prone to sip slowly, allowing a signal to the brain which indicates that you’ve had enough - a simple way to avoid putting on pounds.

Some veggies lose nutrients when boiled, but some get better. Canned tomatoes release chemicals that are good for the heart and include lycopene, which helps fight cancer.

And when you’re sick, a steamy, chicken broth opens up stuffy sinuses, warms and soothes sore throats and quiets coughs. Garlic and onions also help fight inflammation. Try to aim for a low-salt or no-salt brand, a must if you have high blood pressure.

So include some soup on your lunch or dinner menu. You will reap the benefits!


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