Sandy's Service

My name is Sandy. I began my journey with Samaritas in 1990 serving some of our most vulnerable citizens with disability support. My work is close to my heart serving as a friend and caregiver. 
I’ve  learned to go with the moment and have fun to enhance the lives of the people I serve. In some cases, I am the only family they’ve ever known. I laugh with them, share with them, and mourn their losses. 
Even though we were not born as family, working hand-and-hand with the people I serve and their families, through struggles and accomplishments, have made us one. I feel my work truly embodies Samaritas' mission.  
“Almost 30 years later, I am still here working at Scottsville Main Street Group Home with my second family of staff, friends and the people I serve. Through the years, members of the ‘family’ have come and gone, but the same sense of love and commitment is still here.”  - Sandy

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