Testimonials from Our Resident Council

Finding a place to call home in your later years can be a hard task. Not only do you want a place you feel safe and secure, but you also want a place where you can thrive and stay busy. Our Resident Council shares their testimonials on why they chose Samaritas.

“Seventeen years ago I visited a friend at Maple Village. It was a new community at the time and my first memory of it was the lovely staircase that greeted me when I entered,” said Nancy Hague. “When it came time for me to choose a senior residence, there was no question – Maple Village!”

“Samaritas is a collage of people with various backgrounds and talents who form a family,” said Lillian Menyhart. “Activities include exercise to keep us healthy, lecturers to keep us informed and music to entertain us. I feel fortunate to be a member of the Samaritas family!”

“How nice it is to not worry about what to have for dinner – we can just choose” said Lillian Mitchell. “Our snow is removed, grass cut, our only obligation is to welcome each other with a smile because that’s a sure way to get one back.”

“Going on four months living at Samaritas, Eve and I can characterize the way of life here as delightful,” said Peter Drossos. “First, the elegant architecture and layout of this building give one a feeling of spaciousness, but not isolation. Second, one has a safe, serene feeling that comes from the pleasant interpersonal contact between the residents and the Samaritas staff.”

“There is something of general interest scheduled every day,” said Sally Engel. “Yoga, chair exercise, movies, music and games are examples. Trips to doctors, grocery stores, and special events can be arranged. You can be as active or as solitary as you wish.”

“The staff is excellent in all ways. They are helpful, kind and caring to all. If we have even the smallest problem, they are right there to solve it. I look forward every day to their happy, smiling faces,” said Thelma McCrary. “Unlike so many of the new senior housing, Samaritas is not made of plastic, glass and metal. It is as comfortable as your own old residence. The furnishings are familiar and comfy. When my daughter brought me to see Samaritas, I was impressed turning off Telegraph Road. The drive was so welcoming – beautiful flowers, waterfall in the fish pond and lovely trees along the path. Entering the door, I first saw the magnificent stairway. Everyone was so kind. Immediately I thought “what a warm friendly group of people.” Samaritas was for me. I enjoy the many activities and functions. I feel safe, happy, enjoy the friendships and do the things I enjoy.”

For more information on living at Samaritas, please contact Gloria Krass at 248.723.6275 or gkras@samaritas.org.

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