Volunteers provide invaluable help to Samaritas!

Some volunteers work on a regular schedule, others on a one-time basis.
Every year, volunteers donate thousands of hours of their time.

  • You can become a cultural mentor, set up an apartment, or help an incoming refugee learn to ride the bus through our New Americans program.
  • You can volunteer at our homeless family shelter, befriend seniors, help those with physical disabilities. 
  • You can provide care for children in foster care.
  • Your youth group, church, family or group of friends can organize a service project. Hold a bake sale and donate the proceeds to senior adults. Organize a toiletry drive or clothing drive to help incoming refugees.


Samaritas will be happy to help you develop a one-time work project for your group. Activities can include painting, construction, gardening or hosting a dinner party.

Contact Pastor Nik Schillack at Samaritas for more information.