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In familiar and comfortable surroundings, you can set your own schedule and decide what is important to you. We can provide help with everyday tasks. Whether you need help after a stay in the hospital or for a loved one who would like to remain independent in their home, Samaritas can provide all your home care solutions with one phone call.



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At Home - Home Health, a Medicare-certified home health agency, strives to keep you in your home after you have experienced an illness, surgery or a change in your medical condition. With your physician’s order, we can provide a wide range of services in your home, including skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy and social work.

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Serving persons with disabilities, our group homes integrate residents with the larger community, promote independence and engage residents in collective and harmonious living. Our residents come to us through referrals from county community mental health agencies. We also assist individuals in maintaining independence within their own homes.

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«June 2019»

Be The Rock Celebration Dinner


Home for the Holidays

What does home for the holidays mean to you?

Visiting Mom and Dad, siblings and cousins? Sleeping in the home where you grew up? Celebrating and giving gifts to the people who form the foundation of your life, with whom you share all kinds of memories?


For some of the people we serve, “home for the holidays” does not include a two-story brick home on a quiet street with neighbors who know your name and remember when you were young. For some, the holidays do not involve long-held traditions, a large pine tree decorated with beautiful lights and ornaments collected over a lifetime.

Some people long to go “home” for the holidays. Frankly, they long for a place to call home at any time of year. And at this time of year, we at Samaritas are especially attuned to the longing of people who have no place to call home.

It is our mission to help you find that home.

Whether it be among seniors in one of our five communities, in a family willing to love you until you can return to your biological relatives, or find a forever family, or in a community that provides refuge after terror that led you to flee to a new nation willing to grant you peace. This is the work we do to help people find their home.

Home is not just a physical place. It’s a sense of belonging, a community that welcomes you, people who light up when you arrive.

home-for-the-holidays-senior-living-family-hugsHome is shared beliefs, encouraging words, activities to stimulate health and promote social connections.

Home is a hug when you need it, a listening ear.

Home is safety, security, and something you can afford without struggle.

Home is freedom – freedom from oppression, freedom to worship in the way you choose, freedom to walk down the street without fear of attack.

Be the rock that starts the ripple.

This holiday season, as you celebrate your home and welcome those from far and wide who return to your loving embrace, or to provide one to you, think about how you might help others find the home they’ve been yearning for. We can be your partner in generating a sense of home for all people.

Samaritas is an organization dedicated to serving people as an expression of the love of Christ, and that mission directs us to be humble, kind, and welcoming. To forgive and forget. To be generous and generative.

We work hard every day to help find a sense of home for everyone we come into contact with. This holiday season, help us create home for anyone who needs it. Be the rock that starts the ripple.