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In familiar and comfortable surroundings, you can set your own schedule and decide what is important to you. We can provide help with everyday tasks. Whether you need help after a stay in the hospital or for a loved one who would like to remain independent in their home, Samaritas can provide all your home care solutions with one phone call.



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At Home - Home Health, a Medicare-certified home health agency, strives to keep you in your home after you have experienced an illness, surgery or a change in your medical condition. With your physician’s order, we can provide a wide range of services in your home, including skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy and social work.

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Serving persons with disabilities, our group homes integrate residents with the larger community, promote independence and engage residents in collective and harmonious living. Our residents come to us through referrals from county community mental health agencies. We also assist individuals in maintaining independence within their own homes.

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How Aging Parents Recover from Accidents and Injuries

Losses in cognition and perception often leave aging parents susceptible to falls and trips. And with their fragile state, this can mean broken bones or worse. Advanced age also means they need extended periods to recover from such accidents. When a elder requires rehab care, senior rehabilitation in Grand Rapids offers the long-term medical attention and physical therapy necessary for the individual to get back on his or her feet.

Physical Therapy for Recovering Elders

Physical therapists with expertise in elder support help patients slowly strengthen muscles after an extended stay in a hospital bed. Elders are more likely to lose balance after a bed-ridden period and therapists realize that getting them moving again is critical to prevent them from fearing a second fall and remaining immobile. Therapists will assist with walking exercises to regain balance and training to improve endurance and mobility.

Occupational Therapy for Working Elders

For older patients who may still have a job, a disabling injury can be frustrating. Therapists specializing in occupational recovery will learn more about the job the elder performs and focus in on skills that will help them regain those physical abilities they need to work.  Occupational therapists may engage in strength building exercises and training to increase flexibility in stiff limbs that may have been in a cast. Occupational therapists will also focus in on dexterity training, helping an elder regain the ability of touch and grasp with their fingers, which is especially important for a working elders who uses small instruments or tools on the job.

Speech Therapy for Stroke Patients

The skilled nursing care in Grand Rapids also addresses recovery from a stroke, which can debilitate speech.  Helping patients regain normal speech patterns through exercises prevents an elder from slipping into silence and solitude out of fear and embracement over lost speaking ability.

Customizing Therapy for a Variety of Elder Patients

The impact of an illness or accident can manifest in various disabilities that skilled nursing care in Grand Rapids is prepared to handle. Understanding the issue first, specialists will create a customized program for recovery. Exercises may help patients who have trouble swallowing or eating because of cancer treatment. Managing memory loss with the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease, a therapist may use memory tools to maintain meaningful recollection and regain some cognition abilities.

Patience for Patients

The critical factor that defines all highly qualified recovery facilities is the ability to take one day at a time with recovering elders. Having the patience to help them regain their lost abilities can be rewarding and meaningful for both elders and their caregivers.