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In familiar and comfortable surroundings, you can set your own schedule and decide what is important to you. We can provide help with everyday tasks. Whether you need help after a stay in the hospital or for a loved one who would like to remain independent in their home, Samaritas can provide all your home care solutions with one phone call.



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At Home - Home Health, a Medicare-certified home health agency, strives to keep you in your home after you have experienced an illness, surgery or a change in your medical condition. With your physician’s order, we can provide a wide range of services in your home, including skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy and social work.

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Serving persons with disabilities, our group homes integrate residents with the larger community, promote independence and engage residents in collective and harmonious living. Our residents come to us through referrals from county community mental health agencies. We also assist individuals in maintaining independence within their own homes.

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Making Supportive Care a Positive Experience

Elders who can no longer take care of themselves entirely, but still retain some physical and mental abilities, will receive additional support to help manage their daily care.  Most elders will initially enter facilities through independent housing quarters where they retain their independence but also enjoy the security and comfort of a elder care facility environment. Additional supports offers slightly more intensive care, usually providing around the clock nurse on the floor while residents keep private quarters. To make the adjustment to receiving added support, senior living specialists in Bloomfield Hills suggest taking the following aspects of the transition into consideration.

Personal Privacy

Shifting from an independent home environment to added support scenario may leave some residents feeling less private. Encouraging them to engage with nursing staff helps the presence of medical personnel feel less like invaders of personal space and more as guardians for their care.

Learning About Social Activities

Engaging a new supplemental support resident in the many social activities offered at an elder care facility encourages them to not stay just in their room.  Social activities can help them make friends, stimulate their mind, and remain physically active. Senior living social coordinators in Bloomfield Hills will introduce and explain the options for recreational activities and their schedules.

Making the Emotional Adjustment

Elders may experience an episode of depression as they enter supportive care. The loss of independence can be an emotional adjustment that is difficult for many elders to make. Engaging with them on a personal level, whether it be family or staff, helps new supportive care residents overcome any transitional sadness and move into the next stage of life.

Exploring the Facility

New residents may not feel comfortable in a large elder care center and remain isolated in their room or on their floor. Instead, social coordinators, administrators, or family can encourage them to explore the facility. Exploration will help them feel comfortable enough to go for walks and meet others on the campus. The assisted living specialists at Bloomfield Hills encourage all staff members to engage in conversations and get to know the names of residents to make the facility feel like home.

Taking Advantage of Field Trips

Many elder care facilities will offer special field trips for supportive care residents with buses and supervised tours of local malls, parks, and festivities. Leaving the facility helps residents regain a sense of independence and is a positive approach that improves health, both physically and mentally. Encouraging residents who are new to supportive care helps residents venture out into the world with the help of care facility specialists, friendly staff members, and family.