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In familiar and comfortable surroundings, you can set your own schedule and decide what is important to you. We can provide help with everyday tasks. Whether you need help after a stay in the hospital or for a loved one who would like to remain independent in their home, Samaritas can provide all your home care solutions with one phone call.


Samaritas helps people achieve or maintain personal independence through the At Home - Home Care program. We care for people of all ages with physical limitations, developmental disabilities or mental illness.

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At Home - Home Health, a Medicare-certified home health agency, strives to keep you in your home after you have experienced an illness, surgery or a change in your medical condition. With your physician’s order, we can provide a wide range of services in your home, including skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy and social work.

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Serving persons with disabilities, our group homes integrate residents with the larger community, promote independence and engage residents in collective and harmonious living. Our residents come to us through referrals from county community mental health agencies. We also assist individuals in maintaining independence within their own homes.

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«August 2018»

Be The Rock Celebration Dinner

You are cordially invited to “Be the Rock that Starts the Ripple of Transformation” in our community by joining us at our “Be The Rock” Celebration Dinner. With your support, we can continue to meet the growing needs of children, families and seniors in Michigan...

ArtPrize - Rock Scavenger Hunt

ArtPrize in Grand Rapids – September 2018! Our Samaritas seniors and foster youth in Grand Rapids are busy helping artist, Erick Picardo, create a painting which will be printed as a beautiful mosaic on river stones.  Here's where YOU come...

Top Five Most Popular Elder Facility Activities

Modern elder facilities go beyond bingo and crafts. Elders need stimulation to stay healthy and senior home social directors in Bloomfield Hills are always coming up with new plans to keep elders moving and engaged.

Classes and Workshops

Getting older doesn’t mean the end of learning. Elders can continue the learning process with classes and workshops offered at senior homes in Bloomfield Hills. Nature photography experts can explain the nuances of the perfect bird snapshot, or visiting creative writers show how elders can start journaling about their past experiences. From drawing to cooking, learning something new during the golden years stimulates the mind and body.


Taking to the dance floor can bring back old memories and is a fun way for elders to stay fit. Senior care centers in Bloomfield Hills can crank up the music and get residents out on the dance floor. It doesn’t always have to be golden oldies either. A fresh thinking social director can introduce the latest hits to elders and the latest dance styles.

Field Trips

Exploring the community gets elders out of the facility. Supervised tours can take seniors to zoos, the local shopping mall, and to parks. More ambitious excursions may also include a trip to the casino or a hot stage show.


Low impact exercise maintains healthy circulation and keeps elders flexible. Senior home specialists at Bloomfield Hills can instruct on exercises that improve balance and coordination or strengthen muscles.  Fitness programs can become an extension of medical recommendations from the doctor.

Live Entertainment

Visiting comedians and singers, dance acts, and magicians create a fun and engaging atmosphere at the facility.  Performances can drive excitement and interest from elders and become the inspiration for field trips to outside concert venues.


Getting elders singing is a group activity that stirs up memories of favorite old tunes among friends. Karaoke machines are an inexpensive source of entertainment in recreation rooms and with planned events. Social coordinators can engage residents in contests with chances to win prizes.

Virtual Bowling

Without the rigors of real bowling, virtual bowling allows residents to get some exercise and enjoy a competitive game. Virtual bowling can be set up anywhere and is ideal for colder winter days when field trips can’t be planned. It’s the perfect alternative for stimulating physical activity in a fun, competitive fashion indoors.

Meeting the Social Coordinator

For those just entering a facility, meeting the social coordinator is an opportunity to learn about all the activities planned throughout the year. New residents to any facility should inquire about the annual agenda.