what it means to be the rock

There is no place like home... It is a sentiment shared by many, but sadly not experienced by all. But it is true for the 19,975 individuals who found hope and home last year through Samaritas. You have known us as Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, and our mission remains the same now as Samaritas – Serving people as an expression of the love of Christ. New name, same mission. Please join us again and help create a ripple of hope, a ripple of transformation for the people we serve!


David and Buddy


Cooper's Forever Family





Abigael & Benedicte Escape Congo




Ken Hanley

David bike ride

David has been legally blind for 15 years, but since he has moved to Samaritas Home of Gladwin for people with disabilities, he has made it his mission to ride a bike again. With the help of his good friend and Home Manager, Buddy, the two set out on a journey to fulfill this dream.



Every child deserves to feel safe, secure and loved, but for many, that can’t be found at home. Some of these children are victims of abuse or neglect. Debbie, Cooper’s mom, says, “Cooper came to us as a foster child having experienced unthinkable trauma. Within 24 hours we just fell in love. We immediately became licensed to adopt just so we could adopt him and become Cooper’s forever family.”



While fleeing as refugees from Congo, Flory and Elodie were separated from their 2 children for 5 years. With help from the American Red Cross and Samaritas, the children were rescued and resettled in Grand Rapids, MI a few years ago and have been living happily ever since



Ken Hanley is one of 764,000 people living with cerebral palsy in the United States today. But he’s not letting that stop him from achieving his lifelong dream to graduate from Michigan State University. Ken found his independence with Alison House and we’re proud of his work ethic and commitment to making his dreams come true.


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Serving people as an expression of the love of Christ.